Friday, 11 March 2005

A whale of a time

The other day, we took DD swimming at the club. DH was not feeling well, so I was trusted with the responsibility of accompanying DD in the pool.

On that particular day, there were quite a few children swimming and their mothers observing from the deck chairs nearby. On my previous trips there, usually there weren’t many people around. Perhaps the hot weather has drawn everyone to the pool to cool down a bit.

I became conscious of my outfit. I was wearing a big t-shirt with a track bottom and a tudung (head cover). Obviously it is not a proper dress code for entering the pool. I could feel the ladies staring at me.

I took DD into the kids’ pool and started walking around while holding her float. I reached a corner where the lifeguard could saw me. I glanced at him and he politely told me that the rules only allow those suitably dressed to get in the pool. I told him that I was merely guarding my child. He shook his head.

I walked out of the swimming pool, DD in tow. I went straight to the gym where DH had been exercising for the last two minutes. I waved at him through the glass door, he saw me and walked out. I explained to him what happened. He knew I was angry so he tried to calm me down by saying the life guard was only doing his job. I lamely lambasted that I paid the same fees as other members of the club, so if I couldn’t make use of the swimming pool, they better reduce my monthly subscription. In the background, DD was wailing, pleading to get back in the water.

DH didn’t bring his swimming attire, so the best DD could get of the swimming pool was to sit at the edge of the pool with her legs hanging over into the water. She made it obvious that it was not good enough. We promised her that the next trip there, she could get in the pool.

We left shortly after. The next day, we went to Mid Valley Megamall to search for an appropriate swimming attire for me. We found a t-shirt like attire selling for RM100 at a shop selling sports items. We continued our search in Jusco and there, we found a swimming suit with long sleeves and skirts around the waist. To cover the legs, the swimming suit could be worn with a pair of tights. I wanted to try them out, so the sales girl searched for the right size for me. I was kind of horrified when she handed me L-sized attires because I thought I could easily fit in a size M.

I tried them out anyway. I took a look at my reflection in the mirror and almost screamed. Where had the slim girl that I used to know gone? I almost didn’t buy the attire but DH managed to convince me that I looked okay and in any case, since I was determined to make use of the swimming pool at the club, I got to buy something, regardless of how hideous I look in them.

After making payment at the cashier counter, I joked to DH that I hoped I wouldn’t look like a whale in my new swimming suit. He said no, not like a whale, but do you remember the hippo in Jumanji?

The next day, we went to the club again. Fortunately not many people were around so I was less conscious of my electric blue swimming attire. DD had a real good time in the pool. Being little Miss Independent that she is, she pushed us away when we tried to hold her float. At one point, she wanted to get out of the float. My girl thought that she could swim like the other kids in the pool.

After one hour, we managed to convince DD to get out of the pool. We all had a whale of a time. I’m glad I bought the attire, regardless of whether I looked like a whale or a hippo.


Kak Teh said...

Thank God my children can go swimming by themselves, if not when mama goes into the pool, all the water will splash out! Glad you had a good time.

mardhiah12 said...

update, update please :)

bloggingbloghead said...

A photograph would certainly be nice be it a blue hippo or an electric whale. *smirk*

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