Thursday, 10 March 2005

The Beautician Cum Masseuse

I don’t know whether it’s common for little girls to be interested in beauty stuff, but my 22 m-o DD definitely has a penchant for these things. It beats me as to where she gets it from, as I myself don’t pay much attention to beauty care.

She has her favourites: body lotion, talcum powder and minyak mestika (a type of massage oil that is suitable for babies). She applies the stuff in good style, just the way we adult do. She tends to overdo it though, and often ends up looking like a tepung gomak after her grooming session. At one time, my DH captured her tepung gomak look on the digital camera and showed it to her on the television. She got scared of her ghostly image, saying ‘takut, takut’. That didn’t deter her from other future tepuk gomak grooming sessions though.

Sometimes she runs out of surface area on her little body, so she ventures onto DH and me. It’s kind of soothing having little fingers applying lotion on my sore legs. At times she uses the minyak mestika too, and with this, she applies more pressure with her little fingers. My MIL sometimes becomes a hostess to masseuse from kampung who come to KL once in while on invitation from my MIL or her friends. I guess my DD must have seen these ladies at work.

Apart from the three little favourites, sometimes she ventures to my dresser and try out other stuff like my lip balm and lipstick. So far she has finished one each of those in a single session. A tub of my body lotion is gone too. It becomes a battle trying to stop her, so I have resorted to keeping my things in the drawer to hide them from her. But then at times when I get forgetful, she gets a taste of some new stuff.

Once, I catch her standing in front of the mirror, studying her reflection. Soon, she starts dancing in front of the mirror. When she notices that she’s been observed, she becomes shy and giggles. Hmm, such vanity at such a young age.

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Ibu WA Alim said...

Cucu2 kita org kat rumah ni pun..habih dia org puye talcum powder, lotion and baby oil head to toe..and to the floor also..minyak2 wangi umi dia pun jd mangsa..jd minyak rambut dan segala..kita org tak ingat kat tepung gomak tu tp kita org ingat kat wayang China..