Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Weight Loss Program (yes, I'm serious)

Last night I went through my old copy of Dear Nestle Diary - A Healthy Start Begins Today. It contains articles, recipes and tips for a healthier lifestyle. Initially I thought I didn't want to bore my blog readers (ehem) with the details, but seeing that IWA and Nida are interested to compete with me (*panic mode*), I think it would benefit them if I share some pointers mentioned in the Diary here.

Firstly, Malaysian women require between 1,600 and 2,000 kcal per day. The wide range accounts for different factors such as age, height, weight, activity level and body composition. For me who never bothers about calories before, this means that I have to start watching what I eat, not just how much. For a start, I've begun to record what I eat at each meal.

The Diary gives some helpful meal suggestions, which total up to less than 1,600 kcal a day:

Option 1 (275 kcal): 2 pieces of toast with pineapple jam, 1 half-boiled egg, 1 cup of coffee with 1 tsp sugar.

Option 2 (290 kcal): 2 slices sardine sandwich, 1 glass of Omega milk, 1/2 apple.

Option 3 (318 kcal): 1 bowl of Nestle porridge, 1 cup of Nestle Bliss Yoghurt.

Option 1 (418 kcal): 1 cup rice, 1 red snapper cooked in tamarind, 1/2 cup sawi, 1/2 cup cabbage, 1 apple.

Option 2 (426 kcal): 2 slices tuna sandwich, 1 cup nestle Bliss yoghurt drink, 1 apple.

Option 3 (434 kcal): 1 plate chicken rice, 1 cup Nestle Bliss yoghurt drink, 1 slice papaya.

Option 1 (131 kcal): 1 cup Nestle Bliss yoghurt

Option 2 (187 kcal): 1 Nutren cereal bar, 1 cup hot milo.

Option 3 (255 kcal): 1 curry puff, 1 cup hot milo.

Option 1 (389 kcal): 1 cup rice, 1 piece steamed chicken, 1/2 cup kailan, 1/2 cup spinach, 1 pear.

Option 2 (519 kcal): 1 plate chicken & mushroom spaghetti, 1 slice papaya

Option 3 (562 kcal): 1 bowl mee soup, a pack soya bean milk, a cut pineapple.

Looking at the suggested meals above, I realise that it's doable. At the same time, I realise where I've gone wrong. My meals comprise a lot of fried stuff - fried chicken, fried fish, sometimes even fried squids and prawns. I also tend to overdo it at tea time. Instead of eating 1 curry puff as suggested, I would usually wallop three! And then I top it off with 1 full mug of white coffee. Oh, and I do love sweet drinks. I have tea in the morning, coffee at tea time, and another drink (tea/coffee/milk) after dinner. And I love tidbits too - nuts, chocolates, crisps. It sure looks like I have to overhaul my entire diet.

The Diary mentions that the best time to weigh ourselves is in the morning after we've gone to the bathroom. This is when we'll get our 'true weight'. Throughout the day, our weight fluctuates by as much as 2.5kg due to food and drinks, wet hair, and clothing.

Of course, a weight loss program wouldn't be complete without exercises. I'm aiming for at least 4 half-hour exercise sessions every week. It's not much, right? For me, the key word is variety. Otherwise, I'll get bored easily. So, here are the options that I can think of so far:
1. Cardio exercise (DVD)
2. Strength exercise (DVD)
3. Climb up and down the stairs
4. Book Maintenance Manual exercises
5. Dear Nestle Diary exercises
6. Jogging/brisk walking at the park
7. Play badminton with DD/DH
8. Exercise sessions with DD (yes, she's interested to be my fitness coach)
9. Go to the gym

The Diary mentions that a healthy weight loss is around 0.5 to 1 kg per week. Is it doable? Yes!!! Welcome to the ARAM Club.


aida said...

Mak su,

Ada one tool to track our calories efficiently. Aida dok pakai skrg,

Sgt mudah! Another suggestion for exercise, to enrol for yoga. Yoga, amazingly burns lots of calories walaupun aktiviti nampak sedentary

Nida said...

maksu, one way to success in weight loss is to write our exer. + diet daily in a diary, buku hok ida beli tu la royak. Cam maksu tulis ni la. So, way to go maksu!!!

Ida start writing my weigh journal masa flat belly diet tu in my cute little notebook (ida mmg hantu gadget2 stationery nih, kaloh budok2..heh), pastu tgh2 syok2 nulih, ado ajer hok sibuk nok tulis retek in my cute little notebook...ayoooo..x cuka!!

Ida rasa our (ehem) Aram Club Member should update our exer + diet daily to keep us motivated. Haa! Yg menetap di Ampang tu apa`lagi updatela blog..:D

psssst, Ida dah start damaging my diet this morning by eating chicken popcorn yg digoreng utk anak2 tp dok tersengih atas meja n kakak jiran anto nasik goreng ikan bilis + this morning it's raining here n still raining..(wey! nape byk alasan nih). Come on Nida!!

aida said...

Aram stands for what?

Cubalah buka blog diet. Tulis journal makan atau tips diet kt situ cam kami buat.

Jrg update, tp semangat tu penting

Ummu Auni said...

ARAM fitness club pula? Orang Gombak tak boleh join ke *wink* wii. Jealous la Aida ada wii, harganya lebih RM 1K.

Aini pun dah start diet balik, baru 2 hari. Tengok berat badan masih statik, tapi tengok menu mak su tu macam susahhhh jee

Yasmin's Mummy said...

aida: Thanks dear, I'll look up the website. About enrolling for yoga, biar dululah. ARAM stands for Ampang - Ara Damansara - Dammam haha.

Nida: Cute la Ida suka stationery. Ada juga gunanya kan. So camne Da, nak create special blog ke? Boleh update weekly progress, tips, challenges etc.
psstt.. maksu rasa org Ampang tengah sibuk exercise tu :p

Aini: Kalau org Gombak join, jadi GARAM. Boleh aje, tapi bukan ke Aini dah join group Fattytini sama dgn Aida. Jgn kiasu babe :) Maksu rasa menu tu okay lah Aini. Lebih2 lagi Aini seharian di office, tak banyak temptations cam kitorang kat rumah ni.

qalamunir said...

Oh dah masyhurkan kelab Aram ye..suka hati korang la nak jadi Garam ke, Arang ke? Org Ampang tgh gelak sakan mujo tak bergolek2 je..dah terbakar byk dah kot kalori krn tergelak2 ni?

Lagi okeylah kalu create special blog mcm yg Tini buat tu sbb msg2 blh update progress msg2..!!!???

Oh Che Nida ni mesti dah tak mai2 blog Hcy.. tu yg tak tau Hcy dah update blog berblog2 tu..?


Yasmin's Mummy said...

IWA: Susah tak nak bakar calories, kena golek kuat lagi.
Ohh dah update blog ya, okay nak visit.