Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Good Bye K

It began shortly after DD’s birth. I was finding it hard adjusting to my new role as a mother. Time management posed a great challenge and I found myself squeezing whatever little free time I had for my newborn daughter.

Logistics were a nightmare. Every morning, DH had to drive me to the office and take DD to his parents’ house before proceeding to his workplace. The distance from one place to another was quite far. Add the chaotic traffic during the rush hour and we had a perfect recipe for disaster.

Most nights, we got home after 9 pm. I was reaching my boiling point, which by the way, was (and still is) at a low level. I strove hard and yet I couldn’t find the balance that I desperately yearned.

K entered my life in the midst of that chaos. K resolved my logistics nightmare. With K, I could leave for the office and come home without having to depend on DH. I could go wherever I wanted to, whenever it was convenient for me.

I have never been a wild one though. My adventures with K were confined to a few places: the office, the neighbourhood shops and a couple of malls not far from my house. Over the years, I became only slightly more daring. The furthest K and I traveled together was to the LCCT. It was raining heavily. I held on to K until my knuckles went white.

Towards the end of our association, necessity forced me to commute daily with K to the university. K was a most reliable companion, faithfully taking me 4 nights a week to a campus almost 40km away from home. Traveling home after 10 pm on most nights, sometimes close to midnight, I was reassured by K’s reliability.

K didn’t need much of my attention. K gave and seldom asked for anything in return. The association was trouble-free. When you have a companion that is not at all demanding, what else could you ask for?

Alas, everything must come to an end. Whilst it was DD’s birth that brought K and I together, it was her 6th birthday that marked our parting.

I noticed K had been acting strangely lately. It was ever so subtle, something like groaning sounds. It was few and far in between, but a sure sign that K was ageing. And yet, K was as reliable as ever, faithfully taking me to the campus everyday.

It was with a heavy heart that I finally let K go. How do you say good bye after almost 6 years of being together?

We sent K away on DD’s birthday on 14 April. My over sentimental DD almost shed a tear, whispering to me that she’ll miss K. I told her to pull herself together.

K’s replacement, HC, came home with us on the same day. HC is gleaming and shiny, and everything that K wasn’t. DD is smitten. DH and I love HC. But on some days, I still miss my old trusted K. Never mind that the salesman remarked that K’s engine is like that of a motorcycle.


Ibu WA Alim said...

Mana gamba K nya..?

Yasmin's Mummy said...

lupa nak ambil. ingatkan nak ambil gambar masa i sent K away.. lupa bawa camera/handphone

Mama Ellysha said...

Yasmin sedih jugak ke? Mek dok umah T tu,seronok lah dpt crita kisah2 lama.Ni tengah teringat ke Mek moga mek sihat dan boleh mari rumah saya pulak.

Yasmin's Mummy said...

Yasmin mmg melodrama. Mek kurang sihat.. flu, batuk. Cuaca sini panas sangat.

nida said...

cantik kereta baru!

Ibu WA Alim said...

Bila Ida tgk..?
Ida pulak dah muncul..dik!

Ibu WA Alim said...

Selamat hari ibu Mek!

nida said...

iwa..ym bawa mok jupo umi di rumah ida 1st mei ari tu

noah said...

kreta baru??? wah! tak keja pun dapat beli keta baru......

usahkan keta baru, umah baru pun tak tgok lagi... bila la bleh turun klumpur..

selamat hari ibu mek... moga diberkati Allah slalu.

happy belated birthday yasmin, mama ze lupa la nak wish masa cal mummy ari tu...

Yasmin's Mummy said...

Nida.. thank you.

Noah.. mai la sini. Umah tu bukan umah baru lagi, dah lebih 3 tahun.

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