Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Labour Day Weekend

We can be impulsive decision makers at times.

DH was at home on Labour Day. He took the next day off so that he could have an extended weekend. On Thursday, he mooted the idea of getting out of KL. I was half-hearted about it. I had class on Thursday night, an exam this week (last night), and a few assignments which are not too far off from their due dates. But I knew it would make DD happy, so I agreed to DH’s suggestion on the condition that he should not get upset if all I ever did there was staying in the room with my textbook and lecture printouts.

When you make last minute plans, you’d better be willing to accept leftovers. As they say, beggars can’t be choosers. DH searched the net, made a few calls, and discovered to noone’s surprise that many places were already fully booked.

By Friday morning, he was ready to give up. But I was adamant to go ahead with the plan. Despite my apprehension earlier on, I was in fact looking forward to the get away. I still planned to bring the textbook and slides along, but I doubted very much that I could get much reading done.

We decided on Colmar Tropicale. The last time we went there was on our wedding anniversary on 11 September 2001 (yes I remember the year). A phone call to the reservation office was made and our clothes were packed, the only thing left to do was to wait till 12.00 pm when DD would get out of school.

We picked her up without telling her about our plan. She was hungry so we stopped at Giant Taman Samudra for lunch. After Friday prayers, we continued our journey to Bukit Tinggi. She started getting suspicious after noticing the hills along the way. I was not ready to let up so I just told her that we were on our way home (liar, liar!). She played along and said that she liked this alternative way home.

We reached the hotel at 3.00 p.m. When DH and I pretended that we were just passing by the hotel, DD innocently suggested that when we have enough money, we should stay the night there.

We parked the car and took our luggage out of the car boot. When DD asked, I told her that the luggage belonged to my friend who was staying at the hotel. After checking-in, she asked again about the owner of the bag. I finally told her that we were staying there and oh my, was she excited!

As we reached our room, I remembered that I left my glasses at the Chicken Rice Shop at Giant! Talk about being careless and forgetful.

We did the usual things at Colmar – visiting the rabbit farm, Japanese tea house and botanical garden. We also did some art & craft there and watched some shows. DH and DD went swimming at the outdoor pool. It was a sight to see some people wearing their winter gear when DH and DD coolly walked from the swimming pool to our room in their wet swimming attires.

We came back the next day amidst protests from DD. A stop had to be made at Giant to collect my glasses. Thanks Chicken Rice Shop staff for keeping them for me!

I didn't get much reading done at the hotel. So the rest of the weekend was spent studying and completing my assignment that was due on Monday. The exam was held on Tuesday night and admittedly I could have done better. But then as some people say, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl (or something like that), so I'm ready to live with the consequences.


aida said...

mak su.. hotel apa yg mak su duduk tu? how about the room rate? sebenornya aida ni tak pernah gi colmar tropicale.. eheheh

tapi teringin nak gi la kan

nida said...

bestnye pi hubby is so busy loni, ada pi follow him outstation, kami 5 beranak dok camping dalam hotel je...

Yasmin's Mummy said...

aida.. hotel betul2 di colmar tu, under berjaya group. not sure abt the rates, may be ada di website dia? we stayed at suite sbb bilik biasa dah full.. about RM320.

nida.. budak2 camping je pun diorang dah happy. asal boleh tido kat hotel & use the pool :)

Ummu Auni said...

all work & no play can let you have complicated migraine like me, uhuk....

ala, cool about the exam. sure you can do it :)

Yasmin's Mummy said...

ummu auni.. may be you should take a break.
Exam? Oh well, since it's a reading subject, I just fry (goreng) :)

Ummu Auni said...

nak take break camne
dah nak abis sem dah nih...hehehe
i enjoy studying what
maybe due to one woman show when hubby is always late :)