Tuesday, 24 January 2006

The new abode

We collected the house keys last week (finally). Thus much of the weekend was spent at the new house, inspecting, discussing, day dreaming. It was a hot weekend, but comfort was the last thing on our mind. This house, this new house, must be done to perfection.

Alas, reality hits. With a limited budget, we must prioritise and stretch the ringgit as far as it can go.

Anyway, we spent the entire Saturday morning inspecting the house. Lots of defects, which is something I didn’t expect from such a reputable developer. I guess the first priority is completing the construction within the 2 years time frame so that the developer won’t have to pay us interest, so quality isn’t really top on the list. They have the 18 months DLP to entertain our complaints, anyway. (I’m trying to understand their logic here).

At noon, we headed to an electrical store located at Jln Klang Lama which claims that they had a warehouse sale during the weekend. But of course, we should take such claims with a pinch a salt. What qualifies for a ‘warehouse sale’ anyway.. having a couple of items selling at 70% off while the rest are selling at normal retail prices? After about 10 long minutes wandering in the perimeter of the shop, we headed to a shop next door which sells lights and fans. The shop was really worth a visit so I guess I should be thankful to the electrical store for advertising their 'warehouse sale', otherwise I wouldn't have discovered the other shop. We didn’t buy anything but we’re certainly keeping it in mind for when the time comes to make a purchase.

My SIL and her DH offered to help us inspect the house (they are the more discerning buyers among us) so after asar prayers, we headed to the house again. They oohs and aahs in every single room and that made us feel better after the disappointments of discovering so many defects in the morning. Perhaps they were just being polite though, I don’t know.. Anyway, by then it was too dark to inspect the house again.

We headed to the house again on Sunday for an appointment with our contractor. We asked for quotations for renovations of almost every possible part of the house, plus installation of wardrobes, seats under the bay window, grilles, downlights and everything else under the sun. Later on DH joked that perhaps after seeing the quotes, we might decide to just put on the grille. Truthfully we are constrained by our budget. Anyway, let’s see what will happen after we get the quotes.

After a quick lunch at McDonalds, we were back at the house to put stickers so that it will be easier for the developer’s contractor to find the defects. DH bought a pack of yellow stick-on notes for that and we almost finished the whole pack. DH has faxed the list of defects to the contractor this morning and this afternoon
, I’m going to the site office to hand them the keys.
I hope they'll act fast on our complaints. Meanwhile, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood and see a house almost covered in yellow stick-on notes, rest assured that that is our house.


mardhiah12 said...

eh, you bought a new house? second house ke? nak pindah mana pula? rumah sekarang nak jual ke?

*byklah pula soalan*

Yasmin's Mummy said...

ara damansara.. on the way to subang airport.
insyaAllah we'll sell the shah alam house. lemme know kalau ada yg interested.. i'll give you commission 1% :)

mardhiah12 said...

how much is the reserve price?

rumah baru buka berapa? mesti besar kan from current home. nih kena buat house warming ni :P

p/s reload card tu, nantilah yer