Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Wish List 2005

As ever, I haven’t given New Year’s Resolution much thought. Somehow I’m always stuck in insignificant stuff to worry about the bigger picture. Plus, thinking one year ahead seems like a vague dream to me. But then, I am allowed to dream, no? So instead of a New Year’s Resolution, I thought my dreams should be more aptly called a Wish List (in no particular order) :

1. Better health and happier times for me, family & friends. Special prayers for my precious daughter, Yasmin Zulaikha. I hope she will have a good life. Also, I’m hoping that my Mother will have good health.
2. Financial independence. This may not materialise within the next one year, but I’ll keep dreaming anyway. If this is not possible, I hope at least to have more money.
3. Be a better person, better Muslimah, wife, mother, daughter, employee, etc etc.
4. Sell my house at a good price so that I’ll have a neat sum when I move to the new house.
5. Buy a new family car.
6. Go on a holiday someplace nice, if the budget permits.
7. Further my studies and pursue my dream to be an educator.
8. Another child … dream, dream, dream…
9. A beautiful garden. Unlikely, but at least the garden in my heart is blooming…
10. World peace (unlikely).
11. Peace of mind (I can work on this).

Looking back at the list, I realise how self-centred I am. So, an addition to the above :

12. Be less selfish, more considerate.

To everyone who reads this, Happy New Year. May your dreams come true…


Bustaman said...

Most of what you want are do-able and achievable. Go for them and go with Allah.

Yasmin's Mummy said...

InsyaAllah.. semoga dimakbulkan :)

Anonymous said...

Hi..nice blog, met by accident. I have been reading the archives today & really surprise that we share the same name for our daughter, half of the name.