Friday, 28 January 2005

To KLCC (Again)

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a course at Bloomberg office in KLCC. The course was rescheduled to yesterday after the power failure two weeks ago.

I left the office with my colleagues at around 12.30 pm and arrived at KLCC just after 1 pm. We had lunch at the Asian foodcourt located on Level 4. I had bihun sup daging (thin rice noodles with beef) and kiwi fruit juice. It’s a refreshing change from my usual fare of nasi campur and air sirap limau at the canteen at my office.

After lunch, we went to the surau (prayers room) located on the same level for zohor prayers. At around 2.15 pm, we made our way to Petronas Tower 2. Finding our way was easy as we had already gone there exactly two weeks ago.

At the visitors’ registration counter, we surrendered our ic in exchange for the visitor’s id card. The guard allowed us through the entrance. We saw an escalator but weren’t sure whether to take it. I went back to the guard and asked him on how to get to Level 61. He told me to take the escalator, then take a lift to Level 42, and then take another lift to Level 61.

We went up the escalator and after that went through a security check like the ones at the airports. All four of us didn’t have any problem with the security, but a colleague who arrived later had to remove his cell phone, watch and keys to stop the incessant beeps.

At the lift lobby, we could not find the lift buttons. We searched and searched and found them some time later. We felt so ulu..! I hope the security camera didn’t catch the sight of these four weirdos glancing here and there and touching all over the walls.

At Level 42 where the skybridge is located, we took another lift to Level 61 and arrived at Bloomberg’s office just before 2.30 pm. It’s a small office with a nice layout and view. While waiting for the rest of the participants, we were invited to help ourselves to the food and drinks stocked up in a corner that serves as a pantry.

My eyes bulged when I saw their stocks. They have m&m, maltesers, hershey’s kisses, mars bar, snickers, toblerone, nuts, Maggie mee in-a-cup, nasi lemak, etcetera, etcetera. They have sachets of a variety of tea, coffee and instant chocolate for hot drinks as well as cold drinks in the fridge. I made a mental comparison to the pantry in my office with its very bare supply. I whispered to my Treasury colleague that no wonder we have to pay so much to Bloomberg for the subscription fee, it’s to cover the pantry supply for their staff and guests as well.

The course started at around 2.30 pm and ended just before 4. Overall, it was a good overview. You really need to explore the system for yourself though in order to appreciate what Bloomberg offers. After the course, we lingered around the pantry. We sipped our coffee while having conversation with the trainer and appreciating the nice view.

I left with 2 collegues at around 4.15pm. In the lift down, we could not find a button for Level 42. All the numbers are odd numbers and the lift only goes to level 41 as well as Levels 61 and above. We got down to level 41 and saw the skybridge. It was odd because all the while we thought it was Level 42.

I took Putra LRT to KL Sentral and from there, took the commuter to Mid Valley to meet my DH. In the commuter, a chap sitting next to me started talking to me. Here’s our conversation, more or less verbatim:

Chap: So, are you working? (he just asked this, without so much as giving an intro)
Me: Yes
Chap: Where do you work?
Me: Shah Alam
Chap: (with puzzled look) Shah Alam?
Me: Oh I attended a training in KL today.
Chap: Training?
I nodded.
Chap: So do you take the commuter everyday?
Me: No.
Chap: Which company do you work for?
Me: Company XYZ
Chap: Are you in Admin?
Me: No.
Chap: Which department are you in?
Me: Accounts
Chap: Are you an accountant or the assistant?
Me: Accountant
Chap: Where do you live?
Me: Shah Alam
Chap: (with puzzled look again) Are you going to Seputeh?
Me: Oh no. I’m going to Mid Valley to meet my husband.

Chap stopped asking questions. A short while later, the train stopped at Mid Valley station. I got up to leave. As an afterthought, I said good bye to the chap. He ignored me.

In the mall, I rushed to Jaya Jusco restrooms. I got a stomach upset, perhaps due to eating too much m&m’s.

I met my DH later and we went to in-laws’ house for Quran lesson that is held every Thursday night. Later on, I told DH about my conversation with the chap. He asked whether I was trying to make him jealous. I said no and asked him whether he does that sort of thing, talking to women in public transport. DH said he does not take public transport and even if he does, he would not even start a conversation with another guy, let alone with a woman.

That’s my DH. He’s the pijak semut tak mati type.

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