Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Life’s Little Pleasures

Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could have a perfect life, without a worry in the world? In this perfect life of mine, I’ll have everything I could ever wish for. A loving family, a beautiful home, tons of cash in the bank, good health, a fulfilling career, the list is endless. I will not have to worry about a dusty floor, piling laundry, greasy kitchen, rude drivers, broken pipes, or anything else for that matter. Magically, everything will turn out just as I wish. Or more realistically, I will have enough money to make things happen my way.

Alas, my life is far from perfect, though all things considered, I’m satisfied with what I have and have achieved thus far. I’ve had my fair share of bad days, raging hormones and rude encounters. I’ve had to forego many dreams and wishes. But I have so many to be thankful for, including the little things that give me so much pleasure without burning a big hole in my pocket. I have found so much joy in these simple stuffs:

1. Reading a book, a magazine, newspapers. I love reading, be it for academic pursuit or just for fun. It’s like food to my soul, for without something to read in a day, I would feel like I have not had any of ‘me’ time. I know the price of reading materials in Malaysia are exorbitant, but you can always buy from the second hand bookshop, read The Sun, spend sometime in MPH or surf the net. My latest craze: read other people’s blogs.

2. A stroll in the park. This is a relatively new hobby that started after DD’s birth. There’s a huge park in my neighbourhood where you’ll see boys playing football at the field, younger kids having fun on the swings at the playground and parents sitting on the grass watching their children play. Often, we just take off our shoes, sit down on the grass and eat ice cream while watching the colourful kites flying in the sky.

3. DD making funny faces. Currently she has three favourites, The Frown (courtesy of her Daddy), The Raised Eyebrows (courtesy of her Mummy) and The Freeze (courtesy of her cousin). I just cannot stop laughing when she shows off her ‘skill’ in imitating our facial expressions. A child sure learns fast.

4. Window-shopping. I just love looking and touching the goods displayed on the shelf. Trust me, window-shopping can be soothing. It’s good exercise for your legs too.

5. The idiot box. Confession: I love sitcoms and reality shows, though I don’t have much time for watching television anymore. Friends, The Amazing Race, Salina (a Malay drama series with pretentious characters and fake English accent), I love them all.

6. A cuppa. Nothing beats a cup of hot coffee or tea to boost my spirit.

So, who says you need lots money to enjoy life?


mardhiah12 said...

as simple as it could be..surfing internet is a pleasure with emergence of blog.

yasmin's mummy, copy & paste the code given by nedstat in your template html

aida said...

The Amazing Race 6 is not likeable compared to the previous AR 5. There is also no fav couple (all of them have been eliminated), and I just wish Jonathan and Victoria are out!

*some wishful thinking I have*

Yasmin's Mummy said...

mardhiah12: done. i'll give you another task soon:)
aida: agreed on tar5 being better. as for tar6, i still have kris & john in my good books. i'm wishing j&v will be out soon too, even 'colon' is better than these two.