Monday, 31 May 2010

A weighty issue

Okay, so the scale lies. I've suspected that for some time. The physical evidence is too obvious to ignore. The clothes that feel smaller. The wobbly parts. The extra effort that it takes to get out of bed.

Now that I know my actual weight, I've officially moved into another category: the overweight. This is based on a weight chart in a book called The Body Maintenance Manual. According to this book, my weight should not exceed 59 kg. But I've surpassed that by 2kg, and this is one 'achievement' that I'm not proud of.

Coming out of my state of denial, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out where I went wrong with my weight management, or lack there of. I've been abusing my body steadily over the years in various ways, it has become a hard habit to kick. So if you don't want to join the league, here are things to avoid:

1. Don't overdo the sweet stuff

I love my sugars, be it in desserts or in drinks. Chocolates, ice cream, cakes, sweet traditional malay kueh, nyonya kueh .. I love them all. When I go for buffet, I try out most of the items on the dessert counter.

And I love hot, sweet drinks. Coffee and tea are cravings that I cannot do without. Currently I have 1 or 2 cups of tea in the morning, 1 mug of coffee in the afternoon, and another cup of tea after dinner.

2. Reduce the carb

I'm not so much of a rice lover, but I always manage to sneak in carbs in my diet. I love bread and noodles. And potatoes too. And I buy white bread because if I buy wholemeal, noone else would eat it.

3. Stop the sedentary lifestyle

I've committed this offence big time. My lifestyle is sedentary in capital letters. I don't do any physical work at all. I've hated physical exercise for as long as I can remember. The only reason I participated in sports at school was because it was compulsory.

And my favourite posture is the horizontal position. I lie down to read, I lie down to rest, and I lie down to watch TV. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that my favourite place in the house is my bedroom.. my bed, to be exact.

I'm seriously considering going maidless once the maid's work permit expires. That way, I'll be forced to do the house work. But what if I decide to join the workforce again in the future.. who'll take care of DD? I don't want to trouble the inlaws.

4. Throw away the junks

Why are potato chips, cheesels, biscuits so great tasting? Once you rip open the packet, it's hard to stop munching until you've finished them all.

Well, finding out what went wrong is the easy part. Now the hard part is getting rid of all the bad habits. It's going to take a lot of willpower.

I must exercise. And I shall not make anymore excuses. This morning I followed the exercises in the Body Maintenance Manual. They are not so hard to do. And I must dust off those exercise DVDs that I bought some time back. And get the trainers out of the shoe cupboard. Wish me luck!


Nida said...

Maksu..ida suko sgt2 toffee n choc. weekend hari tu ada offer toffee, 2 'tong besar' toffee for sr10. Apalagi Ida grabla, to get rid of the toffeesssss, i've to eat it kan, kan, kan? ngee..

choc temptation pun gitu jgk, kalu ada dale peti, Ida la tukang ngap, ngap, ngap.. yg hampehnyer, di sebatang choc yg kecik tu tertera 109kalori, jgnler tulis.. errr.. sebenarnya tulis ko, x tulis ko, ida tetap ngap, ngap, ngap jugok.. hahaha..

the only way x sir wi make benda2 nih, jgn beli tapi anak2 n bapa kpd anak2 n mak anak2 terutana sekali suka masukkan ke dlm trolley.. adehhhh..

Anyway, good luck maksu! Ida menyokong usaha maksu dr jauh (menaip sambil dok neghak atas katil;)

Yasmin's Mummy said...

Yes I loveee chocolates. Konon beli utk Yasmin, but most of the time maksu yg ngap. Ida takpo dok neghak pun.. you've earned it after berhempas pulas buat kerja rumah kan kan kan :)

Nida said...

Maksu, badan Ida payoh kurus. Ida jeles ko Abe re, dia lambat gemok tapi kalau naik, exer 2/3 x, napok impact doh. Ida rasa lemok Ida ni tepu doh ;)

p/s: sebenarnya smlm nok taip this imprtant mesej, my sincere advice, don't go maidless.. biar maid yg buat keje2 rumah.. SERIOUS ni.

Ummu Auni Afif said...

senang je nak kurus sekejap. kena marah dgn bos. makan pun tak lalu, ofiicemates pun sama, haha.

Ummu Auni Afif said...

choc tu kena kurangkan, refined sugars banyak sangat and it will cause complicated migraine. choc, coke & coffee.

hmph, aini pun susah nak turun. jeles tengok orang lain slim

Yasmin's Mummy said...

Nida: I think it's in the genes (there I go playing the blame game again). But seriously tengok la keturunan kita.. makin bertambah usia makin la bertambah berat badan.. jenis low metabolism. Maksu pernah tengok baju kebaya mok masa dia muda .. terkejut sgt coz she was soo small, mcm size xs gitu.. but now? p/s: kenapa tak advisable to go maidless.. curious ni..

UAA: nak gelak ada, kesian pun ada bila baca komen Aini. Looks like I'll have to go back to work if I want to be slim :p. Betul Aini, kena kurangkan refined sugars. Maksu pernah buat experiment, mmg berat badan turun. But then it's soo difficult to let go of coffee n tea. Jom kita buat misi menurunkan berat badan nak?

Ummu Auni Afif said...

betullah mak su, berapa hari tak lalu makan. my teammate pun sama. yang tu lagi dahsyat, tengok nasi pun tak lalu. padahal aini yg kena marah, dia org yang terasa impact nya.

jom! my weight should be 50 kg. another 5 kg...uhhhh

Yasmin's Mummy said...

UAA: kesiannya. Maksu faham, pernah juga melalui saat2 tension cam Aini.
Jeles la your weight baru 55kg. Guess what.. yesterday my bed runtuh.. uwaa!!

Ummu Auni Afif said...

runtuh? aik? takkan sebab mak su dgn ayah jie berat kut? tengok slim je.

on a much positive side, boleh beli katil baru :D

Ibu WA Alim said...

Ada plan ke utk misi menurunkan berat badan tu?

Katil runtuh..sbb tu kot awak tulis entry ni..takkanlah 95 katil ok lagi..kot..

Sorila busy sikit lately..and internet tak berapa baik..