Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hospital stay

Sunday 6 July 2008

DH came back to the hospital at around 9.30 am. He bought roti canai for our breakfast.

DD woke up from her slumber just before 11 am. Not long after, DH’s parents, sister and brother arrived with porridge and nasi beriyani.

Then Dr Sofia arrived. She prescribed the medications and ordered for a chest x-ray for the next day because of the lungs congestion. The drip would have to continue for the time being to address the dehydration. An eye ointment was also included because DD’s eyes were slightly swollen and she had what looked like conjunctivitis. At times, she could barely open her eyes.

DD took very little food for breakfast. She obviously didn’t have the appetite to eat or drink.

We decided to give her a shower. It turned out to be an arduous task because of the drip attached to her hand. DH pushed the pole where the drip and a small machine was attached to, and I held DD’s hand.

The rest of DH’s family arrived in the afternoon. They left at around 3.30 pm, and we had a brief respite to catch up on the much needed sleep.

We gave DD another shower at around 5.30 pm. Again, she ate very little for dinner so I ended up finishing her food. DD kept pleading to go back home. For whatever reason, she really didn’t like the hospital.

That night, the 3 of us (DD, DH and I) slept in the hospital room. DH had decided to go on emergency leave on Monday so that he could be with DD. I realized it would be very difficult to manage without him around, especially so because DD was still attached to the drip, which renders trips to the bathroom difficult. DD was also cranky, so it really helped to have DH around to help care for her. Thanks DH!

Monday 7 July 2008 (morning)

DD’s temperatures throughout Sunday fluctuated between what the nurses categorised as fever and no-fever. At least they were not as high as when we brought her to the hospital.

At around 9 am, DD and DH were wheeled to the Imaging Department. DD refused to sit on the wheelchair so DH had to sit with her. I suppose the nurse suggested DH instead of me to sit in the wheelchair based on our body weights. The staff who pushed the wheelchair must have been relieved with the nurse's choice.

Only 1 of us was allowed inside the x-ray room so I went in. DD wasn’t cooperative; she cried and refused to stand in front of the machine. In the end the technician chose an alternative method that is usually reserved for babies: make her lie down on the bed. That she refused too, so I had to hold her firmly. My DH, who was waiting outside, was concerned to hear the screaming coming from the room.

Soon it was over. The staff there gave DD a copy of the Disney magazine. I joked with her that that was the reward for all the screaming.

Back in DD’s room, we gave her a bath.

My SIL arrived with her kids just before 10 am. DD’s mood improved now that she had friends to entertain her.

to be continued..


Ummu Auni said...

lama borak...sekali dtg masuk, ada 2 entry pulok doh!
Alhamdulillah, yasmin dah ok :)

Ibu WA Alim said...

Mula2 saya baca DD and DH were wheeled to saya kata dua2 sakit ke?..lps tu saya t'gelak lain tgh b'siap/solat..saya cuti..
Sorry la saya tak dtg melawat..hari Ahad tu abe we ata melah and hah masuk asrama before noon sekali dgn dia nak gi 'gerak usahawan' 2.00pm..alih2 dia sapa balik 2++ tak larat kata'a..kami minta tlg kawan ata Ali balik asrama mlm'a..dr Saturday morning tu awe dah rasa tak sihat..hari ni baru continue gi keja..wp masih tak pulih sepenuh'a..Ali balik Sabtu tu pun demam, Hah gi pun masih krg sihat..

nida said...

pun tergelak baca part tu dgn part maksu ckp kat yasmin pasal dpt magazine..sorila ida pun tak pegi jenguk, sblm weekend, demam terguling kes hubby outstation, Sunday fully recover dari demam tapi tonsil still bengkak...sori again..

aida said...

dapat magazine disney tu tak tahan. terkejut gak bila tau yasmin sampai masuk hospital

kesian diaa

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Yasmin's Mummy said...

ummu auni. yes dah ok, alhamdulillah.

iwa.. it's ok. bukan sakit serious.

nida.. hope nida dah sihat.

aida.. itu la, dlm sakit pun ada kelakarnya.