Thursday, 17 April 2008



As I was driving to uni this evening, I reminded myself again and again to berlapang dada to any adversity that may come my way. Little did I know that I was going to be tested soon after…

You see, it’s week 5 of the semester and we’ve only had 2 QDM classes. Early this week, we received an e-mail from the Management Center, informing us that Dr J would be discussing about replacement classes in our next class with him this coming Monday. I wasn’t happy but I’d been telling myself to accept it. So for the past few days I’ve been training myself to berlapang dada..

And then tonight we were told that Dr J is leaving! Tomorrow is his last day. Who told us? Of course not the Management Center, but some seniors who got to know from their ‘sources’. We were, and still are, bewildered.

I couldn’t really concentrate in OM class tonight. Coincidentally during the class, Dr R asked us whether we’ve taken the QDM course. We all looked at each other before someone said, “We are. With Dr J”.

Dr R looked shocked. And he asked, “But Dr J is leaving! How are you going to complete the course?”

Someone mumbled that in fact we’ve missed 3 weeks of classes.

My classmate asked whether we should give Dr J a farewell gift. My cynical response was that perhaps we all should see him tomorrow to bid him farewell. And then someone else remarked that the most flexible aspect about this university is the students.

I don’t know the circumstances surrounding Dr J’s resignation or retirement or whatever. Perhaps it was not planned (but the 3 weeks trip to Jeddah was obviously pre-planned, and yet we weren’t informed). But what about us? They can say that it’s unexpected but it seems that at this university, the unexpected happens almost on a daily basis. Last semester was screwed up and it looks like this semester is also heading that way.

And where’s the Management Center? Why aren’t we informed? Are they going to wait until Monday evening itself before telling us? Or are they still clueless about the whole thing? Either way, it doesn’t speak well of them. Hello people, please get yourself reacquainted with the words ‘coordination’ and ‘communication’. And if you’re clueless as to how to go about it, may I suggest that you arrange for training sessions in that area? After all there all plenty of lecturers in this university who are qualified to teach you guys about the subject.

I’m beyond disappointed. In fact I’m beginning to regret pursuing my MBA at this particular university. I don’t think I can recommend to anyone to take up a full time MBA course here in the near future.

The Center charges us RM100 if we’re late in paying our fees by 1 day. But now the QDM course has been postponed by 3 weeks. Any rebates for us?

What I’m interested to know now is, what is the Islamic perspective about universities screwing students’ learning

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Ummu Auni said...

dr J is leaving? maybe his condition worsens, but i'm truly surprised by mngt centre's attitude. it's better being part time student, i suppose