Wednesday, 23 February 2005

An update

My Mother is warded in KMBC now. She was admitted yesterday because of breathing difficulties. The good news is she is doing okay. And she's finally open to the idea of doing an endogram.

If all goes well, she will be discharged tomorrow and re-admit to HUSM (Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia) at a later date for the procedure. She cannot get it done at KBMC because the hospital does have the equipment.

Last night Kak Ze and my niece, Kak Long stayed at the hospital. Tonight may be another one of my sisters will take over. The good thing about a private hospital is that it's comfortable enough for the relatives to stay, unlike at the Hospital Besar.

Please pray my Mother will get well.


Kak Teh said...

Kak teh berdoa dia akan cepat sembuh. I know how worried you must be. take care.

mardhiah12 said...

yup, ayah told me yesterday. nak tak nak ayah kata serba salah rasanya kalau tak jenguk mak. hopefully she's doing well..terkejut kan, but i think maybe time already catch up with her. mudah2an dia selamat..

Anonymous said...

praying that she will recover soonest.
-alif's mommmy-

aida said...

Mak Su, heard the news from ummi. Rasa tak senang duduk juga. Boleh doakan jelah, lagipun KL - KB jauh :(

Yasmin's Mummy said...

kak teh & aliff's mommy: thanks for the prayers.
mardhiah12 & aida: the endogram is next wednesday. InsyaAllah maksu balik then.